How do you get discovered
in an ocean of games?

The Playvue platform provides social discovery, cross-platform community engagement, boost discovery, in-game content sharing* for any game on any platform.

THE INDIE DILEMMA: Drowning in Plain Sight

Whether it’s Apple, Google, Steam or direct download, games live or die based on community. But, how do you grow your community when you can’t stand out among the 1,000s launched every day?

App Store Rankings

Big business publishers dominate the tops of the open app store markets. Breaking in requires luck, a deal with the devil or an existing community the size of Nebraska.

Use a Publisher

If you can land one, joining them can give you a big boost, but at a big cost. In the end, through remarketing efforts, the majority of the community is theirs.

Paid Marketing

Pay-to-play marketing is out of control. By competing for ad space, you pay the same rate Top Publishers do. The cost of growth could quickly outpace your ability to break even.

A 100-Gun Life Raft

Everything you need to build, grow and succeed as an indie.

Social Discovery

Players discover new games from their core circles of friends and follows leading to more relevant, targetted games and with in-game content, players uncover new game the moment someone in their circle starts following, playing or posting about it.

A Cross-Platform Community

Gone are the days of managing players separately across various desktop, console and mobile platforms. Because players can engage with each other, separate from the platform they're playing on, developers can collect all of their communites into one common location. And, with SDK integtration, scores, mugshots and screencaps are shared across all players, no matter where they play.

Instant Playvue-Wide Discovery

With SDK integration, your game is immediately visible to all players across the Playvue network via startup suggestions.The same technique used by all of the Top Publishers to push their existing community to their latest release is available to every SDK-enabled game on Playvue.

Join the Discussion

With all of your players and content in one social network-style location, developers are no longer limited to engaging players by following up on bad reviews or interupting gameplay to invite them to engage on a third-party network. With SDK integration, the same accounts players use to record scores and share screencaps allow them to post questions, start discussions and share tips and engage with others, whether in-game or on the Playvue app. As the verified owners of a game, developers can reply and engage directly from the game's account!

Track All The Feels

Besides tracking scores, achievements and players advancement, developers can monitor conversations and sentiment across all platforms. Is the latest build causing issues on newer models? Or crashing on older graphics cards? Now you can find out for yourself!

The Playvue Platform

Social Discovery

Players follow friends, games and other players opening up a social circle worth of content and conversations from new game they otherwise would never have known about.

StartUp Game Recommendations

The exact same strategy Top Publishers use to move their existing community to their latest release. Opened up and provide to all SDK-enabled games on the Playvue network.

Cross-Platform or No Platform

No matter which platform they're playing on, your user's conversations and activities are all in one place.

Share In-Game Content

Integrate the SDK and let your players share high scores, screencaps and mugshots (score + selfie) across all platforms.

Developer Dashboard

Monitor everything from follows to player activity to user sentiment in one place, connected directly into the platform.



Posts, High Scores, Mugshots, Screencaps and Find More Games. Without leaving your game. Unity SDK is now available. To apply, register your game with Playvue below and follow the link in the Developer Dashboard.


Registration will add your game to our database, if not already available on the app store(s), as well as add it to any in-app Special Event game list and enable it for the Playvue Crowd Favorite Award voting. It will also allow you to post on behalf of your game.